Valium and weight loss, report abuse

Sedatives are known for their effects of depressing your nervous system and brain function to allow you to relax or sleep.

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Despite having alarming side-effects, Valium had become one of the world's best-selling drugs While the nation'stoheroin users are offered substantial help from the NHS to kick valium and weight loss addiction, benzodiazepine addicts receive relatively little support.

I weight loss no valium and weight loss movement go out, leave the house at all, or do anything at all.

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Sadly, the drug prescribed by her doctor on that day in for what, valium and weight loss retrospect, seems like a trivial problem, left the year-old housebound and incapacitated for years. Department of Health figures show the drug is implicated in deaths a year in this country.

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Dependence Dependence may be valium and weight loss issue if you have already gained weight after starting Valium. If these effects do not lessen over time and negatively impact your lifestyle, contact your practitioner. Eating a high fiber diet with ample fruits and vegetables, and drinking at least eight glasses of water each day may be helpful to alleviate constipation.

He knew valium and weight loss her Valium use from the start, and accepted that dependency on the drug was part of her life.

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There are now different formulations of Valium-derived medications. Taking Valium in this manner will minimize side effects that may contribute to weight gain.

  1. Alternatives Ask your doctor about other anxiety medications for long-term use.
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Baylissa took clonazepam for eight years 'I didn't realise the drug was causing these problems. Avoid salty foods and drink eight glasses of water a day to reduce water weight.

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But after nearly a decade on the drug and because she also had an underlying neurological disorder, she suffered almost constant, intense, t weight loss pills movements during which she would lose control of her muscles and limbs. Beta-blockers do not cause weight gain, sleepiness, lethargy or addiction.

Does Valium cause weight loss or weight gain? | Yahoo Answers Caffeine, alcohol, and meat treated with hormones can cause or exacerbate anxiety. Baylissa took clonazepam for eight years.

But the scale of the problem has been largely ignored. Fiona married her husband Bryan, now a year-old retired computer programmer, the year after she graduated from university. Baylissa took clonazepam for eight years. Throughout her teens she took Valium, as well as another benzodiazepine drug, Ativan.

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This can cause your body to suppress your appetite or make you lose interest in eating and therefore make you lose weight. Fiona realised she was dependent on the drugs, but remained convinced they were keeping depression at bay It had a dramatic and instant effect,' says Fiona.

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Meanwhile Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has asked the public health minister, Anna Soubry, to look at the scale of the problem and consider what steps should be taken to support addicts. It was on a holiday to France in April that Fiona made the life-changing decision to stop taking Valium.

Despite being highly addictive and having alarming side-effects, Valium had become one of the world's best-selling drugs by the mid-Seventies. These drugs are used by 1.

Alternatives Ask your doctor about other anxiety medications for long-term use. She has been published in "Nursing Spectrum," "Newsday" and on various websites. While many women worry about the side effect of weight gain, some medications can also cause how to lose leg fat in 3 weeks weight loss that needs to be remedied.

Whatever the outcome, it is likely to come too late for many of the 1. Snack on foods that are high in vitamins and low in calories, such as carrots and celery. You should not take Valium if you are pregnant, if you have an eye disorder known as acute narrow-angle glaucoma, or if you are allergic to diazepam or any other ingredient in Valium, reports PDR Health.

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