Be Nice, Be Kind.

One direction imagines you lose weight. isn't he lovely?

Vas Hapenin' ladies ;)

They splashed around at you and NI as you rinsed the shampoo out of Shaylee's hair. He picked up a fry.

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You stopped eating all the fatty good from McDonalds and stuck to the healthy eating. Sure, you were very skinny, but you never thought of yourself has fat, just more on the curvy side. Without realizing it you started to bite at your thumb nail.

'Me, Her And The Moon' | The one where he makes you feel insecure (Liam

When you were halfway through the exercises, Liam came home from work. It was very hot out where you were, so you decide on some shorts, t-shirt, and weight loss meter calorie count just threw your hair up in a bun. You heard him mutter and walk out. I pretend not to hear it and walk over the couch. You turned away from him and faced the wall.

#2 You Overhear Him Talking Negatively About Your Weight (Requested - Part Two)

You sighed seeing the big M on the brown paper bag. You one direction imagines you lose weight gotten down to your original weight after a little, and Niall was pleased you accomplished a goal but not pleased with the fact you felt the need to lose weight.

You haven't eaten anything in two days, can't break the streak now. With every part of you. You shook your head and used your other hand to make his face, face yours. Every day for the last week you have been drunk before I get home. You shut the magazine of the pretty models and tell Liam to order a pizza, stomach growling. Dammit Louis, I love you just the way you are.

You changed into your swimsuit and grabbed your things before you both headed down to there. Had you gained weight? I lock balanced diet lose weight fast door making sure that no one can hear me.

one direction imagines you lose weight lose weight 12 hour fast

Don't you see how beautiful you are? Drop by our ask box and send a request. You soon felt the burn one direction imagines you lose weight all day every day dip next to you, signifying that Harry had joined your side. He came back to where you were and handed you a burger, and the salad. You had been getting a lot of hate from fans about your weight, you used to be skinny, you still were you just went up one size in your jeans because of stress.

Preference #25 He Makes You Feel Insecure (Harry -

Zayn continued to bang against the door with no mercy. I liked you the way you were before. All of the skinny models. It was very form fitting, which made it look really tight. I nod in respond.

One Direction Preferences

He looked around the bedroom, confused. With the rest of the boys being thin and having muscular abdominal, Louis always felt a bit insecure and odd. This time you eat it, rather than the trash can.

I'm a troll compared to her. Your ex was practically a model!

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He wrapped his arms around you, and, burying his face in your neck, he began to cry against your skin. You'd kill to be one of them. Walking to the sink, you slowly let the pills fall one by one down the drain.

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