Marlena makeup geek before and after weight loss.

Reichert helped start Makeup Geek with Stell, who was his college sweetheart.

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Not at all chalky or drying. On the Makeup Geek site, the photos of the lipsticks are a bit deceiving — the swatches are truer to the shade than the photos of the lipstick on the lips.

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There are a few amazing women who I have worked with, including Jaclyn Hillwho I have helped, and helped me in return. When I started on YouTube the number of influencers was much smaller and we all filmed in our spare bedrooms with subpar equipment.

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But Stell is not just an online celeb. Marlena Stell, founder of the famous American brand Makeup Geekwho will answer the questions to discover some aspects regarding her private life and her brand.

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marlena makeup geek before and after weight loss I am able to keep prices low, in part, because I sell directly to my large following. Stell struggles to find support in the industry Instagram It's a good thing that Stell has so many people in her personal life who support her, because she has had trouble finding support within the industry itself — but not for lack of trying. While influencers on YouTube today often have professional-level productions, the scene was much, much different back when Stell was first getting her start in the online beauty influencer world.

My husband and I love bike riding together, exploring various cities in California, and just snuggling on the couch with our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lady. She got her start in music YouTube Stell was raised with a strong work ethic.

Marlena Stell: What you don't know about her

My lips are fairly dark, so the color has to be rich to show up well on me. She has plans to eventually extend the size range, and she's shared that it's important for her that the line works for a wide variety of women.

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If I put it on with a lighter touch and add a dab of gloss it can be a fun, bright daytime-into-night color. She decided to share the devastating experience with her followers in order to help broaden the discussion about the often-taboo subject. Reichert has since left Makeup Geek, but he stayed on board until I ordered the lipsticks from her marlena makeup geek before and after weight loss on a Sunday, and they arrived by Wednesday of the same week!

I love her personal blog, Simply Marlenawhere she gives lots of weight loss tips and shares more of her personal life beyond the makeup. Her channel has spotted a great success in a short time, so in she decided to found her cosmetic line Makeup Geek.

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Which are your 3 makeup products that you would never drop out? At my lowest weight I was depressed, starving myself to where I lost hair and was miserable. Stell's journey from music teacher to makeup sensation is a fascinating one, and her success story will inspire just about marlena makeup geek before and after weight loss to follow their dreams — whatever they may be.

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This color is called Lovely, and is a nice pinkish-neutral on me. Her lipsticks are what burns fat in the stomach pigmented, but really smooth and creamy.

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