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Tanya Tania KINDLE

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Title : Tanya Tania Description : “Last night there was a snowstorm that made my window disappear. I woke up gasping at the heater. This […]

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The Conjoined ePUB

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Title : The Conjoined Description : A masterful and gripping novel from “an undeniably talented writer” (Globe and Mail)On a sunny May morning, social worker […]

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Life Cycles eBook

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Title : Life Cycles Description : This is a compilation of essays, short stories, and poems written by Carol Fris

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The Courtesan: A Novel PDF

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Title : The Courtesan: A Novel Description : A timeless novel inspired by the legendary real-life Chinese courtesan Sai Jinhua, an extraordinary woman who bridged […]

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A Married Woman KINDLE

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Title : A Married Woman Description : A woman in an arranged marriage is liberated by a desire that threatens her family and future. An […]