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Yo' momma has one arm and when she fights, the announcer says, "She throws a right, a right, and another right! Yo' momma's so stupid, she tried to commit suicide does goji berry help you lose weight jumping out of the basement window! Yo' momma's so ugly, yo' daddy takes her to work with him so that he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye!

Yo' momma's so stupid, she told everyone that she was 'illegitiment' because she couldn't read! Yo' momma's head is so small, she could wear alli 60mg orlistat loops 2 weeks crash diet plans head rags!

Yo' momma's so poor, she got arrested for breaking the gum-ball machine because it didn't take food stamps!

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Yo' momma's so dark, they die bowling balls in her bath water! Alli 60mg orlistat momma's so stupid, she cooked her own complimentary breakfast! Yo' momma has four eyes and two pairs of sunglasses!

But that clown had a moustache just like mine. Yo' momma's so stupid, she thought the board of education was a piece of wood! Yo' momma's so fat, she's got a zit how to lose belly fat in your home her butt that's known as Mt.

Yo' momma's so old, when Moses split the Red Sea, she was on the other side fishing! Yo' daddy's so lame, when his wife says, "Give me ten inches and make it hurt! Yo' momma's so dark, she leaves fingerprints on charcoal! Unexpectedly, the train stops.

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Yo' momma's so stupid that under "Education" on her job application, she put "Hooked on Phonics! Yo' momma's hair burning fat jokes so short, when she braided it, they looked like stitches!

Yo' momma's so hairy, she got a trim and lost ten pounds! Yo' momma's so cross-eyed, she burning fat jokes TV in stereo! Yo' momma's so stupid, she tried to mail a letter with food stamps!

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Yo' momma's so stupid, she has one toe and bought a pair of flip flops! Yo' momma's so stupid, she thinks manual labor is a Mexican! Yo' momma's so dark, when she puts lotion on her legs, it looks like she has on leather pants!

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Yo' momma's so fat and her back so crooked, when she lays down, people say "I didn't know we had mountains! Yo' momma's head is so big, it shows up on radar!

  1. Yo' momma's so fat, if she weighed five more pounds, she could get group insurance!
  2. Yo' momma's hair is so short, she curls it with rice!
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  4. Yo' momma's so stupid, she got shoved in an oven and froze to death!
  5. Yo' momma's mouth is so big, she uses redwoods to pick her teeth!

Yo' momma's so fat, she looks like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man on steroids! Yo' momma's so fat, she's half Indian, half Irish, and half French! Yo' momma's so short, she's afraid to get off the carpet alone!

Yo' momma's so ugly, cockroaches go like this: Yo' momma's got one eye, one leg, one arm and one knee and they call her 'Uno'! Yo' momma's so fat, when Scorpion did the harpoon throw on her, burning fat jokes got arrested for whaling!

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Yo' momma's so fat, she had her ears pierced with a harpoon! Yo' momma's so fat, she was lifting up her rolls, and a car fell out! Yo' momma's so hairy, she doesn't have a bikini line - she has a bikini book!

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Yo' momma's so ugly, they only wanted her feet for the freak show! Yo' momma's so fat, the back of her neck looks like a pack of hot dogs! Yo' momma's teeth are so yellow, Px90 weight loss can't believe it's not butter! Yo' momma's so fat, she went on a light diet Yo' momma's so fat, she has to use a VCR as a beeper! Yo' momma's so stupid, she tried to run for the mayor of Circuit City!

Yo' momma's so poor, the Somalians are sending HER food!

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Yo' momma's so ugly, if ugly were an Olympic event, she would be the dream team! Yo' momma's so fat, she was kidnapped by a cannibal tribe, and they all died of cholesterol! I have this friend at school who can turn - anything into a mother joke.

Yo' family's so dark, when they hold hands, burning fat jokes look like a stretch limo!

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burning fat jokes Yo' momma's so fat, people use her dandruff as quilts! Yo' momma's house is so nasty, even the cockroaches wear slippers! Yo' momma got no teeth, talkin' 'bout she's gonna take a diane 35 weight loss outta crime!

Rabinovich said he did not have to buy tickets to the funerals, as he had a subscription to these events.

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Five years ago a listener of ours raised the same question and was sent to one, reportedly to investigate the issue. Yo' momma's so fat, when she falls over, she just burning fat jokes right back up!

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Yo' momma's so stupid, she thinks a stereotype is a clock-radio brand! Yo' momma's so po', she can't even afford the 'or'! Yo' momma's so tall, she did a back-flip and kicked Jesus in the mouth! Yo' momma's got so many rings around her belly, she screws her underwear on! Yo' daddy got his hand stuck in a blender, and they call him Nick! Yo' momma's so fat, she gets clothes in three sizes: Yo' momma has so much wax in her ears, I stuck a Q-Tip in and pulled out a crayon!

Yo' momma's so bald, she took a shower and got brainwashed! Yo' momma's so fat, she wears a genetic testing weight loss australia for a beeper! Yo' momma ain't so bad Yo' momma's so fat, her nickname is the Badyear Blimp! Yo' momma's so old and so fat that Ulysses crawled up her butt with twenty soldiers and jumped out once inside Troy!

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Yo' momma's so stupid, she gave your uncle burning fat jokes blowjob cause he said it would help with his unemployment! Yo' momma's so fat, her toes bleed when she walks! Then half the mice will starve, and the rest will run away.

Yo' momma's so old, she walked into an antique store and they kept her!

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Yo' momma's so fat, burning fat jokes she turns around, people throw her a welcome back party! How much weight can i lose over the weekend momma's so stupid that she puts lipstick on her head 10 kg weight loss in 5 days to make-up her mind!

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